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    Picnic specializes in video production.

    From intimate, one-on-one messages to large-scale national campaigns, Picnic brings the personnel, equipment and no-attitude expertise to help you smoothly create, capture and share your story.

    We help our clients share their stories in a way that brings personality to their brands. Every client's audience sees dedication, inspiration, creativity - all the personal facets of each success story.

    We shoot with a variety of camera styles and platforms capturing unique imagery for every production. And let us take care of all your production needs, including screenwriting, audio capture and mixing, editing and post production in Final Cut Pro, Premier and DaVinci Resolve, transcription, graphic design, 3D animation and more.

    Justin Pickens, Tim Reeves-Horton and their team of specialists bring a unique blend of creativity, tech-savvy and personable approach to a wide range of clients, including Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat, Eastport Financial, HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development, HB Studios, United Way and many more.

    Let Picnic tell your story to the world.

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