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Monkedia recently opened its Halifax office on Lake Banook in Dartmouth this past September. In 2018 Monkedia achieved #67 on INC’s 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America. MSN spotlighted Monkedia’s rapid growth, while Entrepreneur 360 recognized Monkedia as a small business mastering the growth of business based on impact, innovation, growth, leadership and business valuation on its 2018 list.

Our goal is to help businesses grow faster, smarter and larger than any other method available today. We know that with the right business strategy, advanced marketing implementation (powered by AI +machine learning) and with a lot of hard work on our part, a brand’s opportunity is only as limited as their imagination will allow for. How can we be so sure? We’ve done it time and time again. We’ve worked with some of todays biggest brands such as Disney, Blue Apron, ESPN, Hamilton, L’Oreal and Abbott to name a few.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Achieving the greatest business outcomes requires solid foresight and a strong strategic foundation. We dive deep into the particulars of a business and work with the brands to create growth systems + scale-able business models, all rooted in deep business intelligence.

The fastest growing brands leverage intelligent creative and communication engines that reach the right people, with the right product, at every stage of the customer journey. Utilizing the most advanced technology available today, brands can now deliver seemingly personalized communication at a macro scale, allowing for real connection with real people – even while still iterating rapidly and always remaining on-board.


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