Digital Nova Scotia Provides Response to Minister’s Education Plan  


January 30, 2015 HALIFAX – Digital Nova Scotia (DNS), the industry association for Nova Scotia’s fastest growing sector, applauds the plan set forth by the Minister of Education to reform, refocus, and rebuild Nova Scotia’s education system. DNS and many of its members provided input into the Provincial Education Review and followed the process closely to date, and will continue to do so. As an organization focused on supporting companies and individuals driving our digital economy, we are pleased with the significant focus on improving math education. In particular, DNS believes the following initiatives are a progressive step in the right direction:


  • Refocusing the curriculum to provide a greater emphasis on math and literacy education. Math is imperative to computer science based learning. We believe this is integral to encouraging youth into our growing, high-demand sector.
  • Expanding entrepreneurship education will foster innovative learning, which also aligns with our creative and technical sector.
  • As a representative of Nova Scotia’s digital technologies sector, we are pleased to learn that the Province will leverage a new electronic school file to track development in order for educators to improve services. We would like to see how the Province plans to leverage new technology to improve both the system and curriculum going forward.
  • Capping math class sizes to 24 students will allow for greater focus and an improved student-teacher ratio to create an improved learning experience.


“As Minister Karen Casey has stated, the current system has not kept pace with changes in society, the labour market, or technology. As we represent an industry with significant workforce demands, it’s imperative that we continue to work closely with the Department of Education as the needs of industry change. In our sector, they change quickly and we need to ensure our youth are globally competitive and can easily enter post-secondary institutions when they leave the public school system,” says Ulrike Bahr-Gedalia, President and CEO, DNS.


“DNS also believes that extra-curricular, industry-led education programs such as our popular Digital Discovery Camp will further foster an innovative education system,” adds Bahr-Gedalia.


DNS will be communicating frequently with the Department of Education and its industry stakeholders as the new plan is implemented. Specific methods for increased access to opportunities in growth sectors should be laid out and clearly defined. DNS believes that industry associations, in particular, can assist in facilitating a platform of communication between industry and the education system throughout the implementation process and going forward.




Media Contact:

Emily Boucher

Director, Marketing and Research