DevScript Inc., is an early stage Nova Scotia technology company, and they are looking for smart, women-led companies to participate in beta-testing of their new product AiLA. With limited space left, DevScript Inc., is searching for female beta-testers to balance the demographic of the group. As part of their beta experience, you will be able to create an app for your business, and all they ask is that you share your feedback with them!

A commitment of as little as 15 minutes per month is all that is necessary to participate and test components. Once they are beyond component testing, you should be able to design a high quality app of virtually any complexity. Simple apps should require 3 hours or less to create. Beyond a 15 minute assessment to discuss your app concept, all other time commitments are unstructured and should be fun.

To be competitive, businesses of all sizes require apps, sites and automation – whether your motivation is to become more efficient, innovative, or reach an increasingly connected customer. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re a problem solver, not a programmer. Conventional software development is painful, risky and expensive while development cycles are long and unpredictable. Currently, the high cost of development and limited technical capabilities of small business inhibit most from creating their own solutions and apps to distribute. Using software others have made for us isn’t always the answer – it doesn’t allow us to change it for our own needs.

AiLA is a solution that enables you to directly translate your own ideas and concepts into apps, sites or automation without programming knowledge or skills. It creates high quality software – from idea to prototype, concept to solution, and motivation to profit. AiLA is an app that installs on your desktop or mobile device and creates software for mobile, desktop and web. It supports native platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS for ubiquitous app experiences.

Apply now:

The deadline to finalize your enrolment is Friday, Feb 3, 2017.
Contact: David Pratt, Founder & CEO, DevScript Inc.
Phone: 902-702-7812