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Why Professional Development Summit?

Are you familiar with PDS?

The Professional Development Summit (PDS) is an annual, day-long training event held in Halifax. Its purpose is to provide high-quality, practical learning for Professionals who want to advance their skills and increase their effectiveness.

PDS is organized by representatives from seven Professional Associations in Nova Scotia (CIPS, IIBA, CMC, AASQA, itSMF, PMI and DNS), brought together in this unique event to achieve a common goal of delivering top-notch Professional Development.

What is the purpose of PDS?

This unique full day symposium gives the opportunity for an attendee to attend 3 key note presentations and to select an additional 4 out of 16 other presentations and case studies covering various topics related to Professional Development. Some areas of focus include: management consulting, information & communications technology, service management, project management, business analysis, and software testing.

For individuals and companies with limited training budgets, PDS is a great way to gain exposure to a range of topics focused on Professional Development. From management principles to organizational change to technology best practices, it’s a great program filled with practical information you can take to work.

PDS brings Professionals from many different areas together into a fantastic learning environment from the “practitioner” perspective. These are not paid presenters who are “selling” to the audience. These are Professionals who have shown themselves to be leaders in their areas of expertise and have been selected by the PDS Program Committee. They bring high-quality presentations that we feel deliver great guiding principles, best practices, approaches, and techniques. There simply is no other symposium that offers this level of quality and diversity in one great event.

Why do you need to attend PDS?

Here in Atlantic we have an incredible mix of small, medium, and large organizations, and there are many great success stories. Today the ICT sector is growing at a frantic pace – in fact, it is the #1 growing industry in Nova Scotia. As the demand for skilled business and IT professionals continues to grow, the supply of top-notch people is shrinking. We are not keeping up with the demand in growth or openings arising from baby boomers who are retiring. We must find creative ways to fill the gaps, and one of the best ways to do that is to invest in the people we know! We need to look at our existing workforce and find opportunities to invest in them, to develop them as Professionals.

When financial times are challenging, often the first part of the budget to go is training. We second-guess ourselves and begin to think, “What if we invest in our employees and they leave?” However, the greater risk by far is “What if we don’t and they stay?” All thriving and growing organizations understand the need to invest in their people, that they are only as strong as the people they have.

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